Spring 2016 Auburn PR Final Projects :: Digital Resumes and Portfolios

Lauren Jones Digital Resume Screen Shot

Here they are, the digital resumes and portfolios from Spring 2016. Students created these sites from HTML5/CSS3 templates and edited / modified them using Adobe Creative Cloud along with many other software packages. Also, they created a magazine, brochure or interactive PDF, video tutorial, social media release, blog and many other elements. Rather than just create a simple resume, the students also included work product

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Auburn Student Digital Resumes :: Fall 2015


As our Spring 2015 group of students finish up their digital resumes and portfolios (in about one week), I realize my failure to share the last group on this site. They were previously posted to PRProspects.me.  I will share our latest group of final projects soon.   Here they are! Our Fall 2014 Auburn University PR studenet digital resumes and portfolios, also referred to as

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Early HTML and Digital PR at Auburn

Amanda Younce Davis - Early HTML and Digital Media at Auburn

OK, some will say this is self-serving … but it was a fun reminder for me how people have said … we were ahead of our time.   They’re right.  We were. A kind note from a former student, Amanda (Younce) Davis, reminded me of our early HTML and digital PR at Auburn. It is a reminder of how long we’ve been exploring HTML

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March Madness: Two NCAA Basketball Teams Claim $1 Billion Multiplier/Equivalency AVE Metrics

Wichita State 555M AVE Claim

Welcome to the continuing saga of AVE metrics. This may be March Madness and April Fools (note the lack of an apostrophe) all wrapped up in two rather unfortunate claims. First, let’s define our issue.  AVE (Advertising Value Equivalency) is used to value public relations efforts by attempting to establish what earned media would cost if it were paid media. (Source) The two AVE metrics

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Content Marketing and Brand Journalism: We Did It Before It Was Cool

brand journalism and content marketing via Google Trends

A sidebar:  Today, phrases like content marketing & brand journalism are all the rage.  People are asking, “Should our company be doing this?” and “How do we do this?” Experiential PR – Content Marketing & Brand Journalism As Auburn Family winds down its 5th year of publishing … I want to share some excerpts from a story we’ll publish on Monday. Here’s an interesting

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