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Update: It is up and running, but not a blog. WalMartFacts.com. Seems to have a very strong PR office influence and not a lot of interaction. The most ‘talk’ you can have is filling out an online email form. Mostly an online newsroom and employee relations/recruitment site. Perhaps designed more to counter criticism. Too bad. They could have done better. Maybe, in time, it will open up.

Alison Stateman, in the PRSA publication “Public Relations Strategist,” scoops this pending Wal-Mart tactic (p. 12):

Coming later this year … (the link is dead now) … A site targeted at media re: info about the company. The site has both internal and external components. It also promises an opportunity to increase dialogue with the world’s largest company’s senior executives.

Is this the company that is hosting it? justthefacts.com

I honestly cannot find anything else about this Wal-Mart effort on the net? Hmm? Bummer.

Alison quotes Mona Williams, VP Corporate Communications/Wal-Mart, “This is all part of taking the reins away from our critics and insisting that we will define ourselves going forward, and not let others do it for us.”

I can’t wait to see this. What a good idea. I like the ‘name’, too. I’ve written to Alison Stateman. Perhaps we can learn more.

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