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ZimmComm :: Metamorphosis

What a difference two months makes. Blogwise, Chuck and Cindy Zimmerman have gone from caterpillar to butterfly. They are exploring new territory and it seems they are having success. Congrats!

I first found their interesting site – ZimmComm Communications – on December 28th of 2004. My past radio experiences perhaps drew me to them. As an example for my students, I wrote a review/critique of their site/blog.

Radio news releases. That’s what they do. The site now sports a nifty RSS feed for downloading their podcasts/releases using iPodder or other RSS Podcast aggregators. This post in their blog explains their brand of podcasting. Chuck writes, “We intend to interview agrimarketing pros and provide their ideas through this new form of ‘radio/audio’ communication.”

Chuck and Cindy are also exploring some of the issues many communicators are considering, like “Can A Blog Replace a Website? They are doing it.

For tracking who uses their “Talking News Releases”, Chuck and Cindy have announced, “ZimmComm is in the process of installing a new distribution software/email system which will in the future allow us to provide you with more feedback on who opens your emailed releases and downloads the audio files. With that information we’ll also be able to do more direct follow up with the reporters we send to on your behalf! We estimate about 2 months before the new system is in place.”

Actually, Chuck and Cindy have expanded many of the services their company offers. They now offer blog consulting, Web site creation/design, content creation and training/coaching. Talk about embracing the blogosphere. 🙂

They are working with agribusiness companies to help them launch blogs. So, we are seeing blogs grow into some industries we might not usually consider.

Their new blog? Really nice. Themed/skinned for them by the wonderful Lisa Sabin of Elegant Webscapes, the blog is looking good. Clean layout, easy navigation, just the right amount of content and white space to make surfing and reading enjoyable.

Congratulations to ZimmComm’s Chuck and Cindy Zimmerman. It is fun watching you change agribusiness.

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  1. Thanks Robert. If we’re doing anything right it’s because I have good teachers and you’ve been one of them!

    I’ve been working towards having our blog created in WordPress and moved to my own server. It’s been a challenge because my current hosting company wasn’t able to provide the support needed. I’ve also run into Blogger difficulties (slow, not working properly, etc).

    The tracking software you refer to is installed but runs best on a Windows server, which I’m now on with http://www.zimmcomm.biz. That’s where the audio/image/document files reside.

    I’ve found out though that blogging software like WordPress runs best on a Unix server. So I’ve just decided to install the blog on a new server and use one of my other domain names to identify it. Since we’ve changed the blog name to AgriMarketing Pros I’m going to have it set up at http://www.agrimarketingpros.com, which I own.

    I hope this makes sense. We’ve decided to focus on agribusiness for now and Talking News Releases is one of the services we offer (main income generating one). We’ll hopefully expand on it in the future.

    Thanks for giving me some direction. We’re taking it one step at a time!