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Free Blog Anyone? PR / Marcom Practitioners?

Thanks to Steven Phenix for mentioning the effort I’m about to ‘re-offer’ to you all.

Would some others wish to do the same, please? I don’t really want to write to people and plead – but, I’m unashamed and may well do it. Hey, I know where some of you live. πŸ˜€ Danger Will Robinson. Man with email and a willingness to hit ‘send’.

Please consider the following and if you see it has value for some that have yet to try out blogging, please write about it. Spread the offer. Send me leads on people that might give it a try? I’ve posted this to some of the PR lists. Here’s my last try (for now).

Or, just tell me, “Robert. It’s a goofy idea and you need to give it a rest.” I can take that. No, really. πŸ˜‰

Here is a ‘pitch’ for something free (except for sweat equity, of course) to PR / Marcom practitioners. A free blog or CMS to do with as you see fit.

Short story: Setup and ready to move in. A free blog, or site or any opensource content management system of your liking that I have installed, or maybe – can install. As long as you’re writing about PR/Marcom – it is yours to do with as you please.

UPDATE: You can even have a sub-domain blog. Check this example out.

Read on if you’re interested …

I am always looking for ways to get PR Pros from around the country / world involved in blogging / CMS.

For instance, I just put up a WordPress (free/opensource) adaptation for a RSS blog here. Read “WordPress Aggregator Blog :: Want one?” for the details.

Also, I’m looking for people interested in getting into blogging. I will give you a blog. Yep, I’ll host it – pay for it – set it up for you … All I ask is that if my students come there – you comment and converse with them. πŸ˜€ That’s it. No, really!

Last semester, I started a blog called Marcomblog.com and it hosts several PR/Marcom practitioners mentoring my students. Visit MarcomBlog.com.

This semester, I also started BLOGthenticity.com with Paul Woodhouse. Visit BLOGthenticity.com.

Each blog involves various public relations, marketing pros and consultants (along with business bloggers) in sites that generate interesting discussions while serving my students well with mentoring.

Both have been so successful, I want to continue the idea with other practitioners. You want a blog? a wiki? a CivicSpace (old DeanSpace) site? I have them and you are welcome to use them. I’ll do a bit of customizing to them for you, too. Whatever I can do.

Two blog examples, and I’m open to others, are here:

Two PR practitioners would take over this blog and each of you gets one side. Write about anything you want, as long as it is mostly PR.or, you want a single blog at that domain? I’ll give you one. I’ll clean out the existing posts and you can have the blog to yourselves. Customize it, too.


It can be a single blog, group blog – or many single blogs.Honestly, I can implement most any opensource platform for you on these sites and I’m eager to encourage more PR practitioners to join in the blogging experience. Same as above. You’ll get it clean and ready to post.

Now, I can’t take on 100 people (well, actually – I can – the sites will accomodate them). Let’s just say that I’ll take on as many as I can fit on the servers. Honest. Anyone interested? Have any employees or young proteges you’d like to turn on to this as ‘outreach’ and ‘mentoring’ while exploring blogging/CMS?

Are there concerns for you? Well, yes. If I die, you’ll have to find another home. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen. What if you get excited about this blogging thing and want to branch out on your own? OK, I’ll help you. I can transfer your blog to your hosting provider, right! That is based upon you continuing with the platform you start out with here. I prefer WordPress, but if it is opensource and I can install it … we’ll go with what you want. That’s cool with me. I hope you’ll stick around for a little while, though.

Please let me hear from you.




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  2. Great offer, wish I could take advantage of it. I’ve already got a blog about advertising and the world it creates. Check it out, and you could always throw that traffic this way.

  3. Thank you, Daniel. I’ve placed you in the blogroll. Checked out the blog and the personal site. Great work. Thanks for dropping by.