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Edelman/Technorati Blogger Study Update

Today, Paul Cordasco, director of marketing at Edelman, emailed with data from the Edelman/Technorati survey. He kindly included a Powerpoint file of the results, too. Many thanks!

We appreciate the interaction very much. I’ve been discussing this with the classes, actually. And, one student has even made contact with Richard Edelman. It made her day. 🙂

So, we will be looking over the research this semester and I’ll use it next semester in “PR Survey Research”, too.

Many thanks go out to Edelman Worldwide. The topic of Cyberspace has been at the forefront of recent Edelman speeches.

O’Dwyer’s reported Edelman’s October 6th Harvard Club speech:

PR people need to “raise their game or risk being banned by bloggers,” Richard Edelman told a “Corporate Communications in the Age of Citizen Journalism” event Oct. 6 at the Harvard Club in New York.

Edelman believes most PR pros just don’t get the blogosphere. He released results of an Edelman/Technorati study that showed only 21 percent of 821 bloggers surveyed report weekly contact from a company or its PR rep. Nearly half (48 percent) said they have never been contacted by either party.

(Source: O’Dwyer’s PR/MarcomSubscription required)

I am still hopeful that a complete methodology of the study will be posted to the results site. It will add greatly to the discussions.

Today the survey received good coverage in PR Week. (Thanks to Jeremy Pepper for the link.)

Edelman blog survey finds pitching opportunities for PR pros – publicAffairs – PRWeek US

Edelman blog survey finds pitching opportunities for PR pros – publicAffairs – PRWeek US

CEO Richard Edelman said the results were welcoming and informative.

“They’re saying, ‘If you want to have a decent conversation, let’s go at it,'” Edelman said. “It’s an opportunity for us, but the bloggers are specific on how they want that interaction.”

Edelman said this reaction was important because the mainstream media was now reading blogs as much as trade magazines to find new trends for articles.

Edelman said qualitative data like this, combined with high profile bloggers gripping about formulaic pitches, served as caution.

“This is a warning shot across the bow of the PR profession for us to raise the game,” Edelman said. “I don’t like it when major bloggers [consider putting] spam control on for all PR agency domain names. We have to do better.”

Edelman added that clients were considering reallocating some of their traditional ad budgets elsewhere, and PR professionals had the opportunity to demonstrate how their work in this market could benefit them.

(Source: PR WeekFree for month of October)