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Todd Defren :: Social Media Press Release

San Francisco’s Todd Defren, SHIFT Communications, has a very interesting post which offers an opensource template for the new “Social Media Press Release.”

…always a pleasure to find new resources and ideas shared by thoughtful people, so Todd Defren’s template is appreciated…

This all stems from a conversation Todd had with Tom Foremski about how the press release has to adapt / change in this new social media environment.

I’ll share this example with my students as we’ll be practicing writing this very thing this semester. We have, of course, been practicing writing releases using the new tools and media for about two years. But, the template is a great new resource for ideas. Many thanks to Todd. A great job.

Check out his post and download the template. I think I’ll have my students create samples in a wiki over the coming weeks as an experiment.

PR Squared: The “Social Media Press Release” Debuts – Download the Template Today!

Side note: I almost met Tom Foremski on Monday. Unfortunately, he was not able to attend the conference (PDF) I visited. My loss. Everyone I’ve met through this blogging speaks well of Tom. Perhaps someday I will have the pleasure.

I was fortunate to meet Giovanni Rodriguez, Joseph Thornley and see Josh Hallett, once again. A pleasure to meet you, gentlemen – and to see Josh again, too.


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  2. Hi Robert –
    Please keep me posted on your wiki and any other (related) progress? Would love to keep tabs on the effort, as it grows!

    I’d also encourage your students, if you think it’s promising, to think about how to incorporate “social outreach” into their tactical planning, e.g., using del.icio.us to create context-rich research pages to augment a journalists’ investigative assignments… Feel free to ping me on any of this!


  3. Thanks, Todd. I will keep you posted.

    The idea of “social outreach” via del.icio.us links for journalists is intriguing. We talked about it in class the other day. However, it seems we’ll have to get these classes up to speed on del.icio.us and other bookmarking / search sites, first.

    Each semester is a learning curve and it differs from semester to semester. I’ll let you know how we do.


  4. I went to del.icio.us the other day just to check out some more of the comments people left on Todd Defren’s Social Media Press Release and I was surprised at how many different opinions people shared. Some were all for it and others were totally against it. I will be interested to see how fast this catches on. I downloaded the example at home and e-mailed it to my dad and he was really impressed. He isn’t the best with technology but is very eager to learn anything I can teach him. He works at a bank here in Auburn and said he was going to share it with the Public Relations department in his office. It is amazing how fast the internet enables things to spread. See you in class.