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All Hail Constantin(e) :: Emperor of PR Knowledge

Imean it. The man is always providing us with new tools to use for learning and discovery.

…from directories to the ultimate PR Wiki, Constantin now gives us a search tool for all of them…

The man is none other than Constantin Basturea. He is a kind and benevolent ruler. He gives away all he finds. See his latest gift.

Constantin’s latest offering is the use of Google’s Co-op search tool to sort through all the PR blogs and wikis he has cataloged over the years.

OK, I guess we should thank Google, too. But, the point is that Constantin is always looking for the latest tools and seems to find just the right way to use them – then shares them.

What are just some of the resources that Constantin has shared with us over the years?

If that’s not enough, he keeps updating, tweaking and improving them, too. He’s just updated the PR blogs list – again. I don’t think he sleeps. Honestly.

There have been a lot of Constantines, but there is only one Constantin. Seriously, I appreciate all you do for us, Constantin. We all do. Thanks.


  1. Seems odd to call anyone an emporer in the democracy-minded Social Media age, but with CB at the helm at least we know it is a benevolent dictatorship. 😉

  2. I agree with you, Constantin is an inspiration to us all. Thanks to all you do. His example should make everyone of use stop and think the next time we have the opportunity to volunteer or go that extra mile. You might help to build a better community and in the process build a lot of respect from the community.

  3. Todd, I agree. It is just that every time I see Constantin’s name, I always think of Constantine. I know, it is strange.

    John: Yes, he is a role model. I think that anytime I say this to Constantin, I embarrass him. But, the guy does so much and deserves the praise.