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Emily Melton and CSTV Mission: SEC Team Win Three MarCom Awards

Remember when we shared the exploits and adventures of our lovable Auburn grad Emily Melton and CSTV’s Mission: SEC Football?

Congratulations to Emily Melton and the entire CSTV Mission: SEC team for winning three MarCom Awards this year…

The previous posts were Emily Melton Takes SEC Football on a Wild 100 Day Ride and Mission SEC Football :: New and Notable on iTunes.

Emily Melton CSTV

The project ended yesterday when the clock wound down on the SEC Championship in Atlanta, GA. Florida Wins SEC With a 38-28 Win Over Arkansas.

Well, there is more news. Great news.

All of their hard work and travels across the nine states that make up the SEC – all the while creating videos, blog posts and the “CLOG,” a comic book blog – have paid off.

CSTV Comic BlogCSTV’s Mission: SEC Football won three – count ’em, three – MarCom Awards. The MarCom Awards are “the largest global marketing communication awards competition.” The big news is that “CSTV.com’s Mission SEC Football web site won three prestigious MarCom Awards, including Platinum for best overall web site.” Those quotes from an email Emily shared. Thanks, Emily – and congratulations. We love ya’.

Here is Emily in just one of the many videos they created during the 100 day odyssey. (CSTV doesn’t allow embedding of their videos. Goobers! Think viral.) 😉

Here are the details:

Mission SEC Football won the following awards:

Category and Award:
Web Site/Overall Site – Platinum
Web Site/Interactive – Gold
Web Site/ Streaming Video – Honorable Mention

In addition to this well deserved creative, editorial and marketing recognition from MarCom, this award also recognizes a total team effort from Digital Design, Programming & Production, Marketing, Ad Sales, Press, and Development. Here are some key players who contributed to Mission SE Football’s success:

Digital Design: Lynn Thomlison, Abey Abraham, Jon Schoenherr, George Blume, Jaques Depoux

Programming & Production: Tom Buffolano, Dan Kaufman, Dave Seigerman, Jean Neuberger, Glenn Anderson, Emily Melton, Adam Aizer, Keri Waggoner, Brad Hattendorf, Barry Loudis

Ad Sales: Joe Gangone, Eric Krasnoo, Molly Feeney, Yusef Khan, Blake Remer, Andres Diaz

Marketing: Cathy Tankosic, Kelly Dunne, Demetra Marcus, Adam Leavitt, Jonathan Levinson

Press: Keith Marder, Denise Ellison

Development: GuangZu Wang, Terry Koyama, Karl Aldinger


  1. Congratulations to Emily and the crew on a job well done. It’s hard to follow football from Denmark, but I can say that the only football that I half kept up with this year was SEC. Because of their work.

    (I do wish South Carolina had done better, though!)

    Three MarComs? She’s a name to watch.

  2. Thanks, Allan.

    Emily had a good time doing the project. It was tiring, I’m sure, but worth the effort. She is one to watch.

    South Carolina should have a good game in the Liberty Bowl. I think they can take Houston.