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Awesome Dudes Fraternity and Sorority of Ole Miss

You will want to read this true tale of Greek Life at Ole Miss in the L. A. Times National news section, Column One.

…The Awesome Dude Fraternity / Sorority of Alpha Delta…

I do take a small bit of issue with the title – A frat for misfits at Ole Miss. Oh, misfits they may be in the eyes of some traditionalists at Ole Miss, but they are actually a quite positive cause celebre to most.

Fraternities and sororities at Ole Miss date to the 19th century. They remain serious business here, with big, white-columned houses, elaborate rules for rushing and pledging, and a history of turning out the state’s future leaders: U.S. Sen. Trent Lott was a Sigma Nu. His fellow Republican and Mississippian, Sen. Thad Cochran, is a former president of Pi Kappa Alpha.

The men and women of Alpha Delta are changing the old world character of Ole Miss. Good for them.

The Daily Mississippian covered the story back on November 13th.

Sports Illustrated even covered it in their SI Campus Chronicles section.

Unlike a lot of other fraternities, the Awesome Dudes have stayed out of trouble. Well, there was the one report by the Oxford Eagle Online of civil disobedience concerning a smoking ban in bars and restaurants.

Most customers were not lighting up inside establishments, with the exception of four Ole Miss students who are a part of the College Libertarians and the Awesome Dude fraternity. Instead of leaving Parrish’s and smoking outside as the other customers were doing, these students decided to smoke inside the bar in protest of the new law.

The group is said to have a Web site, but the adfraternity.com URL I found referenced is down. They are not mentioned on the official Ole Miss Campus Organizations Web page.

If you’ve never been to The Grove, you’re really missing an experience. It is beautiful, in so many ways. CNN featured the traditional symbol of southern football life. A good video, although Christi Paul fumbles the toss by calling it “Ole Miss University.” Um, it is THE University of Mississippi.


  1. Hey,

    Thank you very much for creating this site. We have fixed our website. As you know, there might be people who do not like us, and also try to undermine us by stopping our website, but that has all been fixed now. You can check it out, and join if you feel so, at http://www.adfraternity.com

    Each and everyone of you reading this are welcome to join. Hope you take the AD-spirit and share it worldwide!

    Ruan Boshoff
    AD Chair.

  2. Hi Robert,

    As one of those listed with “unfortunate member names” please allow me to clarify the use of the term ‘bitch’ with various members (assuming this was what you were referring to). When the group was in its infancy some of us gained nick names while in the ‘grove experience’ (if you’ve been you will know what I mean), which you mention at the end of the blog, and thus the various ‘bitches’ gained their nicknames- including my own unfortunate title. This term was not used to undermine or discriminate any women or people of any sort, it just sort of happened to accentuate our foreign status. This ability to freely express oneself (as inappropriately as some may see it) is an ear mark of the AD- everyone is allowed and anything (within reason- cannibalism isn’t in the constitution) goes. Read the intro on the AD website to get an idea of what the awesome dudes are about. Have a good one and spread the message of unity: One world, one god, one love.

    Much love,
    Alexis “greek bitch” Assimacopoulos

  3. Hey Alexis,

    I find it kind of funny that my “politi-fier” plugin caught your comment.

    Whatever your intentions, I fear (for the sake of your organization having much success) you have failed to recognize your audience. Well, maybe you have recognized the audience and you have no intention of trying to work with them.

    I can’t help think of the change agents you could be, but through the use of those terms, you are likely shooting yourself in the foot …. or just sticking your own feet in your mouths.

    Having read the site, and seen your comment, I can’t help but think that AD is actually a high school-ish (or younger) attempt to be cool and hip … a sort of “rage against the machine” effort. In the end, it makes you seem less worthy of support than before. The article I found spoke well of the organization. The site and your comments don’t convince me of any sincerity.

  4. Robert,

    Please don’t mistake my trying to clarify the nicknames used as a high school anything. I never said that this was any sort of a ‘rage against the machine’ type thing- regrettably it’s the automatic assumption that we get, especially down here. But you’re right, we do need to clean up the website a bit and I think the nickname thing should be one of the things to go. As for trying to appeal to an audience…what audience do you mean? The message of “everyone’s invited” means everyone is the audience…did I leave out EVERYONE????

    I might have been labeled as John Belushi in the LA Times, but I’m taking this thing very seriously. I’m hoping that when I return to Ole Miss in 20 years I’ll be able to see how universally accepted this group is- the first TRUE multi-cultural fraternity/sorority. When the new semester starts here at Ole Miss and the new international students arrive they will now have a haven of vague familiarity in this strange country that is America. If that makes us ‘high school-ish’ then that’s fine by me, because the only excuse you can have for not wanting to be part of the Awesome Dudes (aside from personal choice) is that you don’t want to have fun.

    If you don’t believe my sincerity than I invite you down to Ole Miss and see what we’re doing. Everyone has the right to be involved in college life- not just sorority boys.

    Have a good one,

  5. Hey Alexis,

    I don’t wish you any ill will. My impression, how I reacted to your choice of the terms, is what my comment reflects. “I can’t help but think that AD is actually a high school-ish (or younger) attempt to be cool and hip … a sort of “rage against the machine” effort.” The “machine” I refer to is evidenced by your comment “…not just sorority boys,” for example.

    As to your question “As for trying to appeal to an audience…what audience do you mean?” I think we can both agree that the terms you use, solely for women, won’t be taken well by the Old South culture you’re trying to change. And, continuing to use the terms makes me think you don’t want change things, but rather wish to just poke fun and prod the establishment simply for the sake of doing it, not changing it. That would be high school-ish or sophomoric.

    I realize you’re poking fun at the idea of “women as adornments,” or chattel, in the Old South culture. But, words matter and if you’re truly trying to draw in all-comers, then that choice of word to describe women will likely turn many off. But then, I’m old. I realize that in some bizarre notion the term is considered endearing to some people these days. Go figure.

    It would be good to remove the unfortunate terms. But, if they stay, why not also have derogatory, disparaging and offensive phrases for the guys? Right now you’re buying into the same “label the women only” misfortune of Old South culture.

    So, if you must persist in demeaning women, why not seek out derogatory terms for males. For examples just visit the offensive list – Politically Incorrect Terms! – at adversity.net. I pray you realize that I’m not serious there. 😉 The point of the list is to avoid the terms and phrases.

    I think you have a good thing going and hope for your success.