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Paull Young and Bill Belew :: Two Posts About Blogs and Podcasts

You may remember my introduction to Gary Schlee of Centennial College in Toronto. Well, he was recently visited by Paull Young of Young PR out of Australia.

…one great video and one great list both about blogging and podcasting…

Paull’s presentation to Gary’s students is available, in video, at the OnDemand at Centennial Special Events Speaker Series site. Check it out.

Paull Young, the Australian poster boy for using blogs, podcasts and wikis to jumpstart your communications career, came to speak at The Centre for Creative Communications as part of the Speakers Series, to talk about his digital and geographical rollercoaster ride.

Update: A suggestion for Centennial. Why not post your videos from this series to YouTube, Revver, Google Video, MySpace and/or iFilm. This way, many people that will likely never see your university’s Web site, might be driven to your site and consider studying at Centennial. Just a thought. I bet it will bring some new traffic, at the very least.

Among the topics discussed, Paull shared his work on the Anti-Astroturf Campaign, his work with the Forward blog and podcast, as well as a primer on several social media tools from Bloglines to LinkedIn and more. He also put in a plug for PRblogs.org, where Paull – and now Gary’s students – are blogging. PRblogs.org is our joint project with James Farmer – of Edublogs.org, Uniblogs, and Learnerblogs fame – in Australia. Small world, huh.

It is a good presentation. Paull’s made lots of friends on this trip. I think he’s establishing himself quite well. Paull’s off to the U.K. on February 1st. Here’s hoping some smart person snaps up this fella and puts him to work in public relations and social media.

On another front, I’ve been hoping to put together a list of all the people listed in the Ted Demopoulos book, What No One Ever Tells You About Blogging and Podcasting: Real-Life Advice from 101 People Who Successfully Leverage the Power of the Blogosphere. Turns out, I don’t have to … thanks to Bill Belew. Many thanks for the list, Bill. Much appreciated. I wanted to share it with my students.

…66 bloggers that will tell you “What No One Ever Tells You About Blogging and Podcasting”…

You’ll find the list in Bill Belew’s post at The Biz of Knowledge – The business of Higher Education, Trade Schools, Training and Online Education. It is titled 66 Successful Bloggers and What they can teach you.

You should also visit the Ted Demopoulos’ Blogs, including Blogging for Business, too.

Here is the list in Bill Belew’s post. Go get ’em.

Full disclosure: I’m in the book, but don’t make a penny from the sales. I do think it is a great book for beginning bloggers because it contains stories from people that have been able to use social media in a productive and positive manner.


  1. Robert, thanks for the generous plug. We’ll certainly follow up on some of your suggestions about raising the profile for video and podcast materials. I understand your students are also getting a dose of Paull’s enthusiasm via Skype.

  2. One of the points that came Forward from Paull’s visit was how nice it is to meet people in person that you have been tracking and following online.

    Numerous commentators have cited the Internet as one of the reasons why we are losing interactive communication in-person, but this is clearly example of how it can also put together people who are geographically spread out.

    I think these objections will decrease as online communications become increasingly media rich, possibly even moving towards high-resolution video conferencing. The implications for industry would obviously be significant, especially in light of travel expenses and commuting times. Productivity of workers has shown to be increased when using telecommuting options, and maybe this is the next step for people in communication field.

  3. Hey Gary,

    You’re welcome. I like what you are doing at Centennial. Anything I can do to help you and others explore the social media space, I’m happy to help. Let’s talk about the posting of video to your ClassAct blog. I’m sure we can get it going.

    Omar, I agree with you. The face-to-face is best, but trying to get people in town to address students is difficult. The time and expense of travel is a barrier. That’s why we started Marcomblog and use Skype for phone conferences / interviews. It is certainly better than no interaction with PR professionals, at all.

    I’m betting we’ll see more universities using these tools and tactics. It seems to be growing fast this year, alone.

    All the best.