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Upgrading to WordPress 2.1 :: It Wasn't Pretty, but it Works Now

Update: It works now. Well, almost all of it works. Still some quirks with the post code tab in the edit area. But, it is at least letting me save drafts of posts. I did have one little epiphany. Look at how the WordPress platform has grown in size and number of files since WordPress 2.0. That’s a pretty big growth in overall size.

wordpress 2.1 files and sizewordpress 2.0 files and size

Now, anyone that has ever read my blog knows that I’m a big fan of WordPress. But, I’m having fits with it today. Recently, WordPress released their much anticipated version, 2.1. Usually I wait a good couple of weeks before installing the upgrades. Why? Inevitably the new version will have bugs and quirks. I should have waited. Despite following the rules, deactivating plugins and other standard practices … it went goofy. Now, guess what I see when clicking “Save and continue editing…” in the blog’s admin area?

Yep, it won’t even let me post. It won’t save anything I type into the editor. And, the editor won’t even let me look at the code. The nice little popup HTML edit window in past versions is gone. Now, you get tabs. Tabs that don’t work, by the way. So, for awhile I’ll be posting from an external editor. This one is being posted using the Performancing for Firefox plugin. I’m kicking myself. I knew better. Always wait at least a few weeks, if not longer, to let the kinks get worked out by others. I even upgraded some test blogs elsewhere before doing the upgrade here. I tried most everything I know to make sure it went well. Nope. Little success. Advice is cheap. But, if you have a WordPress blog, wait to upgrade. I know they encourage everyone to do it right away. But, “they” are developers and can fix their problems. The rest of us? Yeah, you guessed it. Still, I can blame no one but myself. I’ll just wait for them to release 2.1.1, or some such fix … or, see my issues addressed in the forums.

Thankfully, I have the performancing for firefox add-on (and a few other external editors) so I can keep posting, if I need to. But, I’m bummed that this happened at the beginning of the semester. I really don’t need another problem to deal with right now. 🙂 That’ll teach me.

One strange thing I’ve noticed is that the new 2.1 version takes my pullquotes and doubles the line spacing. So, until I fix that, you’ll see some strange things in the archived posts. Sorry.

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