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Social Media in Antarctica via Birmingham's UAB

This is just a wonderful and interesting story. It has cormorants (almost a penguin?) and seals and social media – UAB in Antarctica. Seriously, there is some great photography, interesting videos and a beautiful site.Antarctica Team in boat

Jeff Keeton and Dimitri Glazkov have been working in cooperation with Deb Lucas at UAB Media Relations to develop a very cool site highlighting the work of biologists from UAB doing research in Antarctica. (Click photo to enlarge.)

Their blog is starting to fill with posts (RSS). They started on February 14. You’ll also find YouTube videos and Flickr photos (and their Flickr RSS feed).

A very nice site. This is such a wonderful way to highlight some very remarkable work in academia. Just imagine how school kids will love this site. Well, not just them. I’m enjoying it very much, too.

A recent excerpt from the blog…

A Rite of Passage

On this my thirteenth expedition to Antarctica I am reminded that even with the wonders of modern travel there is a “rite of passage” required to reach the ethereal shores of this continent of ice. This “rite” is derived from a host of obstacles ranging from the long flight from the northern to the southern hemisphere, …

I strongly recommend the site. Congrats to Jeff, Dimitri and Deb for their work.

If I have one suggestion … video of cute animals. 🙂 Sorry, I couldn’t resist. I know it is early and you’ve only just begun.

The video interviews with the faculty, researchers and grad students are a great way to lead into the site.

Also, click on the Classroom link in the sidebar. That is going to be fun for school kids. Great work.

This blog reminds me of three other sites. 75 degrees south, Antarctica By Blog; Halley 2006; and Nike ACG – Ben Saunders, the Adventurer, Athlete, and Motivational Speaker.

Hey, it also reminds me of the very kind PR practitioner from Antarctica, Peter West. He interviewed with our class last year. An enjoyable conversation. Peter is actually stationed in Arlington, Virginia at the National Science Foundation. He makes trips to the poles about once a year. So, learning of Jeff and Dimitri’s site is quite a kick. Thanks, guys.


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