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More PRblogs.org Upgrade News :: How To Podcast at PRblogs.org

Podcasting just got a lot easier. And, it is essentially free – except for the time spent creating your content. There is a lot of open source software available to create content, too. The camera for video, well – that’s another story. But, some very good digital camcorders – with hard drives – are available for less than $500. Your cellphone video will do quite well, too.

Podcasting – both video and audio – is now possible, and pretty easy to do – at PRblogs.org.

It is actually possible to podcast without spending a dime on Web hosting or server space. Using available social media network sharing sites, you may load all of your files into their collections and display them on your blog at PRblogs.org.

The added bonus here is – you get the benefit of all those people searching the sites listed below. This will mean added opportunities to push traffic to your blog. So, we are reminded, once again, that – organic search extends further than Google and Yahoo!, et.al. searches. You can gain traffic from the searches at social media sites, too.

You may host your own audio and video files – for free – at any of these sites:

You may also post video from DailyMotion and iMixes from iTunes. For information about iTunes iMixes, check out this story at the Washington Post. (Subscription may be required, but I got in without one.)

Remember. You are responsible for only posting videos and audio, and any other content, for which you retain ownership or own the rights to publish on the Web. Don’t steal. That’s not nice.

For the complete details, visit PRblogs.org for a simple “How To” explanation.

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