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Overview Series on Communication Plans from Dave Fleet

Karen Russell (Teaching PR) recently Tweeted her praise of Toronto based Dave Fleet‘s series on writing communication plans.

So, I checked it out and agree. This is a good overview series for students. It will help you start thinking about your plans. Fleet’s link to all of the posts in the series is broken, so Update: Here is the link to all posts in the series on Dave’s blog. I also gathered together all of the posts (so far) for you to view, below.

Thanks to both Karen and Dave. Enjoy.


  1. Hi Robert,

    Thanks for highlighting this series! I hope you like it and I’d love you and your students to chime in with your perspectives on the topics.

    Thanks also for flagging the broken links (I was mortified!). I’ve fixed them all.


  2. Hey Dave, my pleasure. Good series.

    No problem re: the broken link. Hey, more than links break around here on a daily basis. 😉

  3. Thanks for providing the link — and please join me in encouraging Dave to publish it as a downloadable e-book so we can assign it to our students. 🙂

  4. Hey Karen, sure thing. Just posted a comment on his blog in the first post of the series. Also invited him to PROpenMic.org. Hope Dave will join us.

    By the way, I just saw a note in PRMindshare, from Bob LeDrew, saying Dave’s joining him in work at, I’m guessing, Thornley Fallis. Congrats, Dave!