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Spring 2011 Digital Resumes and Portfolios

Graduation was today and about half of these students said goodbye to Auburn. The others will graduate at the end of this coming semester.

Always love my students and very proud of them. This group was particularly fun and put in a lot of work on these projects (digital resumes and portfolios – or ePortfolios). So, give them a look and offer them a job or internship.

OK, I finally got all the screen shots of each site into the slideshow. ;o)

Danielle Albert
Amy Barton
Kelsey Blohm
Kellie Camuso
Courtney Crew
Brent Culver
Maggie Daley
Brooke Davis
Kristina Emerson
Carrie Gordon
Tatum Henley
Amy Hood
Alison Hop
Margaret Ann Killam
Andie Long
Paige Lowery
Abigail McInnish
Gabby Meredith
Jenna Nash
Christi Parrish
Rachel Pitman
Patti Plath
Chelsea Pound
Kevin Randolph
Rachel Rimes
Lauren Schuster
Rebecca Smith
Nicole Thomason
Erin Walker
Chelsea Watkins
Michelle Wilder

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