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We Were Digital Before Digital Was Cool

OK, it’s a bit of a brag and chest-puffing, I know … but, it’s true and I think a little celebration is due. ;o)

digital resumes portfolios or eportfolios7,184 … What does that number represent?

Thursday is the fourth anniversary of our posting in sites like The Corner News, The Loveliest Village and Auburn Family. Yep, we started this version of our decade long digital publishing exercises in March of 2008. Auburn Family (thank you Deedie, Mike & Brock) and The Corner News (thank you, Carla & Greg) and The Loveliest Village (and LoveliestVillage.com before that … it is now down).  Thank you also to Margaret Fitch-Hauser and Mary Helen Brown for putting up with all of this, too.  ;o)

Thank you, also, to all the many PR practitioners and educators that have supported us over the years, too!

In those four years, really only posting during 20 weeks per year, we have now created and shared 3,744 blog/feature stories and 3,440 videos. That’s 7,184 separate posts. Think of the writing … the video editing … the time putting together the interviews …. and more. Wow!

That’s an average of 46+ blogs/features and 43 videos per week of class exercises.

Many thanks and much appreciation goes out to the many students that have humored me over the years and done these exercises. Think about it. You published a digital hyper-local newspaper every week with more unique stories and videos than any other weekly paper in the state, I’m betting. Truly. In fact, you may have out published a lot of dailies. ;o)

Update: I’ve been asked, “Robert, the numbers are great, but what else does all this activity mean?”  So, I’ll expand a bit.  The number 7,184 represents likely 3 times that number of hours (if not more) spent interviewing, writing and editing.  Students continue to hone their writing skills through experiential activities that didn’t exist before.  These are real world assignments judged online by all our readers.   The exercises represent learning many different CMS platforms that each student will most likely encounter in their professional lives.  The end product represents their digital resumes and portfolios that inevitably capture the attention of job and interview providers.  Time and time again, students recount how the digital portfolios were that extra plus that caught the eye of their potential employer.  So, I hope that at least provides an overview of the many benefits the 7,184 experiences produced.  (I haven’t even begun to speak about how they learn to use social media in a business sense and not just as their own personal communication channel.  That would be many more posts.)

And, there is more…

In 2007, we started posting our digital resumes (and portfolios or eportfolios) in PRProspects.me. Of course, many classes before that were putting up their personalized digital resumes/portfolios on their own domains, too.

Auburn PR students have created, edited, produced and published 276 digital resumes and portfolios (see PRProspects.me for examples, but many are down now) … with another 40+ coming this semester. Now that is something cool!

Congratulations on your anniversary, you wonderful content PR practitioners! You Rock! Again, thanks to all the students that put in all the long hours and hard work to accomplish all of this! War Eagle!

~ Robert

P.S. Long ago, in 2002, we began online publishing with class exercises on auburnmedia.com via blogs and other CMS. We posted on Auburn University servers via various CMS before that, since 2000. And I’m not even counting the many other sites (Marcomblog, PROpenMic and more) that we’ve launched over the years. April 1st, for example, is PROpenMic’s fourth anniversary, too. In short, we’ve been digital since before digital was cool.

Heck, we’ve been digital since before most people even knew what digital was!

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