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Spring 2016 Auburn PR Final Projects :: Digital Resumes and Portfolios

Lauren Jones Digital Resume Screen Shot

Here they are, the digital resumes and portfolios from Spring 2016.

Students created these sites from HTML5/CSS3 templates and edited / modified them using Adobe Creative Cloud along with many other software packages. Also, they created a magazine, brochure or interactive PDF, video tutorial, social media release, blog and many other elements. Rather than just create a simple resume, the students also included work product from their classes over the years.  You’ll find research projects, campaigns and more.

At Auburn University, student portfolios allow the students to demonstrate their skills, classroom and internship experiences, and learning achievements by compiling examples of their digital work. They also demonstrate their ability to use the industry standard software potential employers require and the students accomplish this through creative projects.

An example student portfolio menu might include the following:

Each semester my students create these capstone projects which pull together all of the work they have done in classes during their tenure at Auburn. The exercises in Style & Design, the class where these projects are created, are designed to help them learn the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of software as well as HTML5 and CSS3.

View previous semester projects at PRProspects.me.

Lauren Jones Digital Resume Screen Shot

Student Digital Resumes and Portfolios

Courtney Kennedy
Chasity Richards
Daniel Buxton
Evvie Walker
Davin cobb
Mohsina Yusuf
Emily Bradley
Margaret Minium
Sara Wells
Ashlyn Perez
Suzanne Norman
Alison Montebello
Steven Benton
Corey Hill
Anna Rogers
Kristen Keeter
Gretchen Glaze
Catherine Abernathy
Morgan Emfinger
Kaitlin McManaway
Mallie Johnson
Cat Perez
Anna LaRue
Abby Broom
Ashley Abbott
Sarah Lenahan
Lauren Jones
Amanda Caldwell
Seth Baker
Kristin Fowler
Emily Hedrick
Maggie Barlow
Shelby baker
Caroline Musall
Meredith O’Brien
Molly Lawrence
Stone Phillips
Anna Turner
Alex Tisdale
Hayden Sisk
Emily Thompson

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