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Content Marketing and Brand Journalism: We Did It Before It Was Cool

A sidebar:  Today, phrases like content marketing & brand journalism are all the rage.  People are asking, “Should our company be doing this?” and “How do we do this?” Experiential PR – Content Marketing & Brand Journalism As Auburn Family winds down its 5th year of publishing … I want to share some excerpts from a story we’ll publish on Monday. Here’s an interesting

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Perfect Example of Social Media Bypassing Traditional Media with a Rational and Compelling Story

This story is quite interesting.  It is a perfect example of how social media can bypass traditional media outlets and share a compelling rational story. It could also be an example of how social media might spur on coverage by the traditional media outlets: print, TV and radio. We’ll have to see if they pick up the story, too. (Maybe they already have and

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Students: The Council of PR Firms asks, "What is the most dangerous idea in PR today?"

Cross-posted from PROpenMic. Reformed PR practitioner B. L. Ochman writes a review of the recent Council of PR firms (CPR) critical issues forum in her blog, What’s Next. Read the Council’s take on the event in Dangers Equal Opportunity for Smart Marketers, PR Firms, Lively Annual Public Relations Council Critical Issues Forum Addresses “Most Dangerous Ideas” for Future of PR. The conversation has actually

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Wonder why we do local reporting in class activities? Look at CNN … if it's good enough for them …

OK, I’ll admit. This is a little bit of a personal rant. I don’t do this much, but I’m kinda fed up – just a wee bit – so, I’m venting. :o) Local news reported in a social network / emerging digital media kinda way. When I first thought of this for classes, some time ago, I’ll admit to having that image of Al

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Noel Hidalgo Deported from China for Qik Video of Protesters in Tiananmen Square

A world traveler and citizen journalist was deported from China for recording the video below. It is Noel Hidalgo’s chance encounter in Tiananmen Square with protesters from the West decrying the human rights violations in Tibet. Noel is on a trip around the world: