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Perfect Example of Social Media Bypassing Traditional Media with a Rational and Compelling Story

This story is quite interesting.  It is a perfect example of how social media can bypass traditional media outlets and share a compelling rational story. It could also be an example of how social media might spur on coverage by the traditional media outlets: print, TV and radio. We’ll have to see if they pick up the story, too. (Maybe they already have and

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Utterz for Digital Resumes, Portfolios, Spot News and Crisis Comms

Offered up a demo of Utterz in class tonight. Students may incorporate it into their final projects – digital resumes & portfolios – for the site. During the chat, we talked about how Utterz might be used for a client.

Zombie Causes Teenage Boy To Face Prison Time For Viewing Porn?

Just like my last post, this is about parents attempting crisis management in a story about their child. Zombie, as in zombie computer that has been hacked into by some nefarious character. This is a story about porn, hackers, trojan viruses, zombie machines and more. For the PR practitioner, it is a story about crisis management, Web site choices, video, media relations and more.

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Pluto Seeks AOR :: Specializing in Crisis Management

Ouch. When your world changes … literally. …Arizona’s Clyde Tombaugh discovered Pluto in 1930 by mistake and it is now just another big rock… Poor Pluto. “Controversy has dogged Pluto since its discovery in 1930.” CNN just reported the fate of Pluto. “The International Astronomical Union has stripped Pluto of the planetary status it has held since its discovery in 1930.” The union represents

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Kayak Satirical Ads :: CGM and Ads May Sting

When I first saw the new TV ads, my first thought was how different they were from other launch ads. They were intended, I believe, to be funny – sort of like the “Roaming Gnome” ads from Travelocity. However, as I saw more and more of them, it became apparent that these are more edgy than anything anyone has done recenlty. The Kayak

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