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March Madness: Two NCAA Basketball Teams Claim $1 Billion Multiplier/Equivalency AVE Metrics

Welcome to the continuing saga of AVE metrics. This may be March Madness and April Fools (note the lack of an apostrophe) all wrapped up in two rather unfortunate claims. First, let’s define our issue.  AVE (Advertising Value Equivalency) is used to value public relations efforts by attempting to establish what earned media would cost if it were paid media. (Source) The two AVE metrics

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Social CRM and Analysis Software-as-a-Service (Saas)

Trying to compile a list of social crm (customer relationship management) platforms.  I’m most interested in the platforms being used by PR agencies & in-house at businesses. This list has many examples … some are not so very PR/marketing focused.  The features offered by all of these vendors varies. Please offer any additions (email me). Social CRM Software-as-a-Service Adobe Marketing Cloud – 

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Our PR social network has been in action for one year, as of April 1st.  I thought you might like to know how we’re doing.  I’d also appreciate your feedback on the network.  We can’t get better without hearing from your members (and those that haven’t joined, yet, too). Here’s an update on PROpenMic‘s traffic over the first year. Only April ’08 through February

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PROpenMic celebrates six months online :: How are we doing compared to other sites?

If you just want the stats and graphs, follow this to see them below. Our social network for public relations students, will celebrate six months online on October 1st. Allow me to begin by thanking all of the members. So many people have helped with advice and guidance along the way. I appreciate all of your help. I also appreciate the involvement of

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The Social Media News Release and News Room are Heuristic :: Help Us

This post is about the good ideas that have been generated re: PR, social media, news releases and more. What my students desire is to see how journalists are reacting to all of these new ideas. Media relations is, after all, a large part of many PR practices. We have yet to see any significant research (actually, no research at all) as to whether

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