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Today In History? Orwell’s 1984 was Published … It Permeates Our Culture

Today in history? George Orwell’s 1984 was published … June 8, 1949 With President Obama’s reference to 1984 the other day, here is an interesting flashback into how Orwell’s novel was used (in this web-only ad) in support of candidate Obama in his 2008 campaign for the White House. The ad was actually created by Phil de Vellis, aka ParkRidge47 – a Democratic political

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Happy Friday! Have A Coke & A Smile

From Ashley Thompson, a beloved Auburn alumna, in PROpenMic.  Watch this wonderful promotion in a college dining hall.  You’ll love this and wish you had one at your school or place of work.  ;o)  Go check it out in PROpenMic, too. This posts is, in part, an effort to test a theme we’re going to use for a department publication.  The students will put

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New Rules of Marketing and PR :: Students Feeling A Buzz

Fall semester brings more blogging and social media exercises to my classrooms. This semester, as with all in the past, I’ve tried to do something new with the hope of catching the imagination of each student. I have a story, but first – some background. The PR Writing class is reading David Meerman Scott‘s book, The New Rules of Marketing and PR. Then, they

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