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Today In History? Orwell’s 1984 was Published … It Permeates Our Culture

Today in history? George Orwell’s 1984 was published … June 8, 1949 With President Obama’s reference to 1984 the other day, here is an interesting flashback into how Orwell’s novel was used (in this web-only ad) in support of candidate Obama in his 2008 campaign for the White House. The ad was actually created by Phil de Vellis, aka ParkRidge47 – a Democratic political

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Fall 2009 Digital Resumes and Portfolios :: Auburn University

For the umpteenth semester (I’ve lost count), we offer up the latest batch of student digital resumes and portfolios (or ePortfolios). A good group of students, in a couple of classes from Spring semester 2009, created these as their final project. Hope you enjoy their work. Please feel free to hire them. Good students & people! Cross-posted at and the future home of

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Students Launch Auburn Family Social Network

Auburn University has launched a social network focused upon potential new students, their parents, Auburn alumni and friends of Auburn. Visit The site, hosted on the Ning platform, has been up for three weeks. You’ll note that the site is residing on the university’s domain. We have only found a few other college/university social networks. Auburn’s is the only one we can find

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New York Times :: Win a Trip To Africa with Nick Kristof

Win A Trip to Africa Do Online Reporting / Videos for the NYTimes This is an exciting opportunity. It would be wonderful if an Auburn student or a student member of PROpenMic won, wouldn’t it? Phil Gomes, Senior Vice President of Edelman Digital, posted this to PROpenMic. I’m sort of reposting it here in blogs, too, in an attempt to get your attention. This

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It especially won’t work if you have a bad product. I can feel Jen O’Meara’s pain. We likely all can. She has a project she loves and it isn’t going anywhere. Frustration. We’ve all felt it, right? David Meerman Scott shares A viral marketing story suitable for bedtime. It is a story of disappointment and sadness. But, at least the author, YOBI CIO Jen

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