Emerging Digital Media

Fall 2013 Digital Resume Portfolios (ePortfolios)

Please welcome the final projects of resume portfolios from our Fall 2013 Style & Design class. These students spent the whole semester preparing many projects for incorporation into this project. And, of course, they edited and prepared the website, too. These resume portfolio projects required the students develop working knowledge of software like Adobe’s Creative Suite. They focused primarily on Dreamweaver, InDesign and Photoshop.

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Twitter as a tool for college public relations students

Last week we discussed Twitter a bit more in class. As we talked about it, I went online and asked those on Twitter at that time to chime in with their reasons why they used Twitter. Hey, I’m in class … the students need to know … why do you use Twitter? is it a useful tool? convince them, please! :o) 04:44 PM September

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Jeremy Pepper :: Telling It Like It Is

I’ll preface this with a language warning, should you follow the link. Sometimes strong language makes a point. I am compelled to share a great post with you. Jeremy Pepper has, once again, said what needs to be said. Oh, he may say it in a form that some find distasteful, but don’t many social critics do that? Check his post. I initially commented,

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Edelman Studios :: CGM as Classroom Project and more

A recent video post to PROpenMic drew my interest. Luke Walker shared a video he created for submission to the Edelman Studios project.

Alabama democrat candidate for U.S. House reaches out to bloggers

The political season offers many opportunities for exploring how candidates are using social media in their campaigns. I didn’t think I’d find many (if any) examples in the Alabama races this year. Then, a Google ad popped up in my mail reader: “Turning Alabama Blue – Segall2008.com – Viable democrat running in Alabama. Watch his intro-video and join us!”