PRSA and Jack O'Dwyer Fight … Again!

PR people and PR students will find this interesting. FIGHT! FIGHT! Yes, PRSA and Jack O’Dwyer are at it again. This time, PRSA seeks to play off the Murdoch hacking story to throw the first punch. Actually it is AdAge that is seeking to play off the Murdoch story. But, PRSA implies “hacking” and does make allegations about improper access of the conference call.

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Storify :: Telling Stories from Social Media Feeds has me just a wee bit fascinated. Telling stories via keyword searches in various social networks: Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, blogs and more. Here is an example of what people were saying about Auburn’s Spring Graduation 2011. The video at the bottom is an excellent example of stakeholder generated content.  (Photo & video via Melanie Foster) [View the story “Auburn Graduation | Spring 2011” on

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Spring 2011 Digital Resumes and Portfolios

Graduation was today and about half of these students said goodbye to Auburn. The others will graduate at the end of this coming semester. Always love my students and very proud of them. This group was particularly fun and put in a lot of work on these projects (digital resumes and portfolios – or ePortfolios). So, give them a look and offer them a

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Message to 'Retard' Users – You Will Be Found

Here is a release that got my attention.  What do you think of the headline?  The lede? Always interested in any cause related effort, particularly with regard to people with disabilities, I feel this release does a great job of addressing a very PC issue. They are tracking the use of the words “retard” and “retarded” on Twitter.  It is an outing, of sorts.

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Latest Digital Resumes & ePortfolios :: Fall 2010

Well, I have been quite remiss in posting these sites. My apologies. Here is the last batch of digital resumes and portfolios (or ePortfolios) from my wonderful Auburn students. Please check ’em out and hire them! Great people!